Windows Event Viewer

Symptoms: If you are having an issue where the system freezing, crashing or locking up (Freezes, crashes, and lockups: an agent's guide to terminology) use the following guide to gather a Windows Event Log of the unit so that we can see if Windows logged the specific error.


Step 1: Open the program named Event Viewer, this can be done by exiting to windows and clicking on the Windows icon on the bottom left of the desktop and searching for Event Viewer or by pressing Win + r on your keyboard and entering %windir%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s and pressing ok.

Step 2: Select "Create Custom View" on the right-hand panel of Event Viewer

Use the following parameters for selecting the events you'd like to see, make sure to use these exact parameters as anything else will cause the Event Viewer to display unnecessary information or error out because of too many log entries.

Logged - Last 12 Hours (Ideally, the error would have happened in that timeframe, if not try to recreate the crash, lockup or freeze and then gather the logs.)

Event Level - 'Critical', 'Warning', 'Verbose', 'Error'

By Log - 'Windows Logs' Leave Application Logs unchecked

Then click 'Ok'

It should then prompt you to name the filter, name it whatever you'd like. Once you've named the filter it should show you a list of log entries. 

Step 3: Highlight all events on the log by clicking on the first item on the log, then shift-clicking (holding shift while clicking on an item) the last item on the list. Once highlighted, right-click the highlighted items and select 'Save Selected Items'

Step 4: It will prompt you to save a .evtx file to a location on the TriCaster, please save it to a location you can easily locate and name the file something that you will remember. Please provide us with that file so that we can take a look at the logged items and hopefully determine what the issue was.

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