How to run a Ping command

A ping command is the simplest way to verify whether two devices can communicate over the network with each other.  Simple instructions for finding your IP address and creating a ping command are included here.  To access the command prompt, you will need to ensure you on the Windows side of any devices running NewTek software.

1) In Windows, click the Start button on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and in the search bar type CMD as shown below

2) Select CMD to launch the Command Prompt.

3) In the command line interface, type in ipconfig.  The output will appear as below (though we blanked out our IP addresses, etc).  The IPv4 address is the IP address you will want to ping.


4) To determine if this device is on your same network, on another computer on the same network, open the CMD prompt and type ping plus the ip address as shown below (ping

5) If you receive a reply from this IP address, that means both systems are on the same network and can communicate.  If you don't receive a response, then the device is perhaps offline, on a different network.


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