NDI® Tally Troubleshooting

Issue: Tally state does not change on device receiving NDI® source.

Steps to Resolve: 

1) Ensure firmware is up to date for the sending device

2) Ensure receiving device is operating on latest software

3) If device is not detected or audio/video are failing to transmit/receive, first review the article below: 

Third Party NDI® Applications - Troubleshooting Guide

4) Test with Studio Monitor (install the latest iteration of Studio Monitor via this URL

  • Once the tool is installed, launch the Studio Monitor application.
  • Select the hamburger icon in the top left corner of the application
  • From the dropdown menu, select your NDI source and channel
  • Once the camera feed reflects in the application, right-click on the feed
  • Navigate to settings -> Display Overlays -> and ensure "Tally Lights" is selected
  • Test to see if the border changes to reflect cameras current state

If the states change in NDI® Studio Monitor, but not your receiving device/software, the issue is particular to the receiving device/software. If you are utilizing third party software to receive your NDI® source, you will need to reach out to them to ensure they are supporting our latest NDI® libraries.

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