Using 4K Monitors in your Workflow

Issue: When attempting to use 4K Monitors in your workflow, the following issues may occur:

-The mouse appears to be unresponsive when clicking on items in the software interface.

-“Running your GPU at high resolution may impact performance”  error message appears.

-Monitors do not display an image at all when connected. 

Items to Consider:

-While several of our devices now support 4k inputs/outputs, this does not extend to the use of 4K monitors for the interface monitor. NewTek™ does not recommend/support the use of 4K monitors to be utilized as multiview/interface monitors.

-Ensure that your monitors are configured at or below 1920x1080 resolution.

-Ensure that "Scaling" is set to 100% (nothing higher) within Windows.

-Eliminate extenders/adapters between your device and the connected monitors as troubleshooting.  EDID handshake can fail to identify displays when launching and this could cause issues.


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