GPU error - 'Warning. Unable to verify video drivers'

Issue: When launching your NewTek™ software (TriCaster, 3Play, TC1, IP-Series, etc), you encounter this message:  "GPU error - Warning. Unable to verify video drivers."  The possible causes and solutions are provided below.

Steps to Resolve: 

1) Ensure your Graphics Card Driver is up to date. Currently Nvidia driver version 417.01 is causing issues and the workaround is to install version 416.94 if needed. Also be sure when installing the driver to select the 'Custom' option within the installer and perform a Clean Installation. (Only the graphics card driver is needed, not the other additional install options.)


2) Install the latest available software update for your hardware.  Updates can be downloaded/installed through our website via the URL:


3) Ensure your primary monitor is connected to the "Interface' or 'Multiview" ports, instead of the "Display" ports. Our software utilizes dedicated graphics cards for Interface and Multiview displays.  Trying to launch the software from the 'Display' ports will cause issues and not launch the software correctly. 


4) Confirm your Nvidia Graphics Card shows in the Device Manager.  If it shows within Device Manager, ensure there are no errors/warnings listed.  If the graphics card does not show, you may need to physically reseat your graphics card. If you are still having issues at this point, please contact Newtek Customer Support.


 *Updated 11/30/18

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