TriCaster 40 and Youtube Streaming

You will need a secondary PC in order to be able to set up a stream to Youtube using your TriCaster 40.

1. Bring up the streaming interface by clicking the Stream Configuration Gear next to the stream button.


2. Navigate to Do not navigate to

3. Click the New button next to the connection dropdown.


4. Select Adobe Flash.

5. Click the ^ arrow to the left of the connection to show your stream set up.


Change the streaming profile to your desired resolution and framerate, then head over to the secondary PC.

On PC:

6. Head to and login

7. On the top right hand you’ll see a camera icon. Click the camera and then click Go live.


8. At the top of the browser, there will be 3 tabs: Webcam, Streaming (currently in beta at the time of this writing) and Manage. Click the Stream tab.


9. Adjust the title, who can see the stream, add a description, the topic, and maybe a custom field if apparent as desired. Once you've set this all up, click create Stream.


10. This will bring up the Stream Preview Window. Click the crossed out eye icon to show your Stream ID, then take a picture of this screen using a phone.


With this information, go back to the TriCaster.

11. Copy the Stream URL from into the Location field of the streaming configuration screen. Then copy the Stream Name/Key into the Stream ID field. Click ok to close the stream configuration stream.

12. Click the stream button in the TriCaster and the stream should begin, showing up on your secondary PC as a preview. Click Go Live on the secondary PC and you will now be live!


Below are instructions on how to set up a Youtube stream using an XML file.

1. Create a New live event: 



2. When setting up the event ensure that Custom(more encoding options) is selected under "Type":



3. Select Reusable stream key and create a new stream:


4. Make sure that 720p is selected under Maximum sustained bitrate that you can support:


5. Now we will be able to download the XML file. This can be done by selecting the FMLE option under Select your encoder. Once this option is selected then click on Download Profile (primary) and save the file where you can easily find it:


6. Once the stream is setup on Youtube then Launch the TriCaster software. In the session that you are wanting to stream click on the gear located next to Stream:


7. Click on New to create a new connection:


8. Select Adobe Flash as the connection type:


9. Name your connection and select Import Settings under Flash Server. Then select the XML file that you previously downloaded and saved from Youtube. 


10. Once the XML file is imported the Location and Stream ID will populate with the needed profile information to start streaming:

11. Once you have this setup then click on Stream to start your streaming:


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