Connect Spark and 'Newtek-Connect' SSID

Issue: Unable to configure the password/SSID on the Connect Spark to use the "NewTek-Connect" option to create a local network.

Solution: At this time, this is not an active option within the Connect Spark so you will need to connect the device to local network.  Why is the option still shown within the Spark Admin Interface?  A few reasons:

1) We did not want to eliminate the possibility of future software features that might include accessing the unit over Wifi or potentially using the device as an access point or extender for an NDI signal.

2) In manufacturing we need to test Wifi to determine if it's working as intended.  As part of that process, we enable the Wifi broadcasting capability of the Spark but don't disable it on the hardware side for the reason listed above.


As of 10/29/2018

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