NDI Camera Application Troubleshooting

Issue: Your device operating the NDI Camera Application is not detected in your NDI-Enabled receiving application or your device reflects a black image.

Common Solutions: 

1) When you install the application it will request permission to access the camera, then it requests access to the microphone. Make sure to allow access to both features.


2) In a few instances it has been reported that the output is initially black, but can be resolved by allowing access to the mic, then muting the microphone within the app, then relaunching the application. 


3) Make sure you have pressed the red button in the application, which tells the application to transmit your feed to your network.


4) For initial testing, make sure you are utilizing our NDI® Studio Monitor tool. This will eliminiate potential workflow impactors, such as third party applications that do not support NDI sources or may not be utilizing our latest NDI libraries.


5) Make sure your PC is configured properly to recieve NDI® traffic. The list below covers local machine/ local network settings you'll want to review and implement: 

  • Ensure that you are operating your receiving device as an Administrator or user that has been granted Administrator privileges. You can confirm your User level in the Control Panel at Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts under "Manage User Accounts"


  • Ensure that your User Account Control Settings are set to "Never Notify" in Control Panel at "Control Panel\User Accounts\User Accounts" on your receiving devices.


  • Ensure Windows is not blocking the NDI Studio Monitor application. Right click on the application name -> select Properties -> In the General tab. If it is blocked, there will be a notification and a checkbox to unblock the application or simply a button that states “Unblock” 


  • Since you will be utilizing a Wireless Network configuration to transmit/receive the NDI Camera Application feed, please review the following article: 



  • If, following the items above your device is still not reflecting in NDI Studio Monitor, something in your network or security configurations is preventing this from working. For instance, if your networking equipment blocks mDNS traffic somehow (this is the traffic that announces a device and makes it ‘discoverable’ on the network), or if the subnet of the device utilizing the NDI Camera Application is different than the subnet of the receiving computer, the devices won’t see each other. If the devices are not on the same subnet, you can review the article below to view how to use our "NDI® Access Manager" tool to add the IP address of the device utilizing the NDI Camera Application as an NDI® Source in the "Remote Sources" tab for each receiving device:


         Access Manager


If the steps above do not remedy this behavior and the application was purchased within the past 15 days, you can request a refund in full through the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

If you are able to successfully bring your device operating the NDI Camera Application into our NDI Studio Monitor tool, but not a third party application you intend on you using in your workflow, you will need to reach out to them to ensure they are supporting our latest NDI® libraries.

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