LiveText Registration change after a Windows Update

Installing LiveText on a system running Windows 10, which runs frequent Windows Updates, may trigger a change within the LiveText software.  Specifically, this change may then prompt the software to ask for a new registration code. If LiveText has not required a new registration code yet, there are a few workarounds if you want to limit any impact on production:

  1. Schedule Windows Updates so they do not happen before vital productions.  This allows you time to reach out to us for a new registration code: Scheduling Windows 10 updates
  2. Run the Software in demo mode.  Within the registration prompt, select "Continue" and this will allow 15 days use of the software before you would need to reach out to us for a new registration code. 

Windows Updates ran and need a new Registration code for LiveText urgently? Please contact Customer Support.

If you are a ProTek member, you can utilize the chat or phone queues. Be sure to have your LiveText Serial Number and new Product ID where your LiveText registration prompt is currently showing.


Current as of 9/8/21

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