Advanced Edition Version 3 - License Acquisition and Initial Installation

With the recent release of Advanced Edition Version 3, a few concerns with the initial acquisition of the Advanced Edition Version 3 license and installation have come to our attention. While these matters will be addressed in a timely fashion, we have compiled a quick "cheat sheet" to remedy these matters in the immediate future. 

1. Locating the hardware Compatibility Checker Tool

*Note - You MUST run this prior to purchasing an Advanced Edition Version 3 license to ensure this software will be supported by your machine. The Compatibility Checker Tool is available in the areas listed below:


2. The Compatibility Checker states your driver version is not supported (Skip this step if error not returned)

Since Advanced Edition 3 requires a more recent Nvidia Driver set, you will need to follow the steps detailed in the article below to update your graphics card drivers:

TriCaster - How to update the nVidia Graphics Card Driver

Run the Compatibility Checker again following the Nvidia Driver update. Should you continue to encounter an error message, please contact our Sales Department via Telephone Monday - Friday from 9:00AM to 6:00PM CST at 1 800-368-5441 or via email at to review equipment upgrade options. If you do not receive an error message, please proceed to the next portion of the article. 

3. Obtaining the Advanced Edition 3 License

If your device is currently operating on our Standard Edition platform (No related Advanced Edition version 2 license), you can purchase the upgrade via the link below. Keep in mind you will need to validate your Standard Edition license before you can add Advanced Edition 3 to your online cart, so make sure to have this available. 

If your device is already operating on our Advanced Edition version 2 platform you qualify to update at a discounted rate via the link below. Keep in mind you will need to validate your current Advanced Edition version 2 "NA7" or "NC" license before you can add Advanced Edition 3 to your online cart, so make sure to have this available.

*Limited time introductory pricing. Offer ends March 22, 2019.

*Note - There are two different Advanced Edition 3 line items for TriCaster Minis - One specifically tailored to the HD4/HD4-i models and one specific to the SDI model.


4. Downloading Advanced Edition 3

You can download and install the Advanced Edition 3 upgrade/update by following the steps below: 

  • Main Menu of the TriCaster
  • "Shutdown"
  • "Administrator Mode"
  • "Exit to Windows"
  • Launch an internet browser
  • Navigate to
  • Select "Download" under "TriCaster Advanced Edition 3"
  • After selecting the recommended updates in the "Components" menu, allow the installer to run all the way through. As part of the update, the device will power off to successfully perform a firmware update.   Please let the system sit idle for at least 3 minutes following the shutdown. 

5. Difficulty Authenticating your Advanced Edition 3 License

Should you encounter the error message below when first attempting to register with your Advanced Edition 3 license, please rerun the Advanced Edition 3 installer, as reflected in the previous portion of this article


In the event the items above do not fully address any concerns you have acquiring/applying Advanced Edition 3 to your device, please reach out to us NewTek™ Support for further assistance via the link below: 


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