TriCaster 410, 460 & 3Play 425 'Hardware Not Functioning Properly' Error

Issue: When Attempting to register or launch TriCaster 460, 410 or 3play 425 software, you encounter an error message that reflects "Hardware Not Functioning Properly".

Cause: This error message is indicative of a communication issue or hardware failure pertaining to the input/output module on the rear of the unit.

Steps to Troubleshoot:

1) First, make sure you currently have the latest NewTek™ software installed on your device. You can exit to Windows and download/install the latest builds via the URL below: 

2) Please make sure that you are connecting your monitors to the graphics card port and not the motherboard ports. The Graphics card ports are typically vertically aligned and placed between the inputs and the motherboard ports.

3) Perform the steps below to check connection/activity with IO Panel

  • From the Windows Desktop
  • Click the Start Menu on the bottom left of the screen
  • Click ‘Computer’ or ‘My Computer’, whichever your version of Windows has.
  • Double click the C: drive to open.
  • Locate and open the folder entitled TriCaster
  • Locate and open the folder entitled Drivers
  • Locate and open the folder entitled WDF
  • Locate and open the folder entitled Core
  • Locate and open the file entitled UpdateForce_SHUTDOWN.bat
  • Leave unit off for about 5 minutes then power on.
  • If attempting this process results in receiving the error again, then proceed to step 4 below.

4) If your device is outside of the manufacturers warranty time frame, you can perform the preliminary troubleshooting steps below to attempt to remedy this behavior:

  • Power off the device, then remove the top panel of the unit. There are two screws on the left and right side that can be removed and one (with threaded plastic) that can be loosened located just above the rear panel BNC connections.
  • With the top panel removed, locate the riser card. Press down firmly but gently on the highlighted area shown below


  • Reboot the system attempt to launch the software again.

If the core update and physical check of the system hardware fails to resolve the issue, please contact NewTek Customer Support as the unit may require repair or inspection.

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