Assigning Static IP on Control Surface or NewTek TriCaster and VMC1

In certain situations, it is sometimes necessary to assign a static IP to a device.  To direct connect a NewTek control surface to a NewTek TriCaster or VMC1, both devices will require an assigned static IP.  Below are instructions on assigning static IP's on both devices.
Assigning Static IP on Control Surface:

First Connect your Control Surface to a network with a DHCP server that will automatically assign an IP Address to the device. You will need the IP address of the device to access the web interface tool.

*Note: The unit needs to be assigned a dynamic IP address since the hardware has a NULL IP address from factory.

Use a web browser to access the Interface of the Control Surface
1) Open a web browser and navigate to the IP address of the Control Surface by typing in the IP address in the address bar. You should receive a prompt enter a username and password (Username: admin Password: admin). On the webpage, click 'Local IP Config' on the left hand side and change the IP Type to Static IP.  Enter the Static IP, Submask, and Gateway address that you'd like to use for the Control Surface then click 'Save'.
2) Disconnect the Control Surface from the network and directly connect it to the NIC of the TriCaster or VMC. Please be sure to direct connect the Control Surface to the 100MB NIC (on the TC1 if applicable) or the 1GB NIC on the VMC1.  (You can use Device manager to determine the type of NIC it is.  (The Control Surface has a 100MB NIC.)
3) The TriCaster or VMC should display that a device is plugged into the NIC in the Network and Sharing Center, you'll need to statically assign the IP address of that NIC to be in the same octet group as the statically assigned IP of the Control Surface. For example, if your Control Surface is statically assigned to be then the TriCaster or VMC's NIC should be something like  The Subnet mask should be identical as well. 
*If having difficulty with navigating web browser, you can also download the USR tool from this article attachment.  Once installed and launched, select the Search Device option to find the control surface. 
Assigning a Static IP on the TriCaster or VMC:
1) On your TriCaster or VMC, click Start, select Control Panel, and then choose Network and Sharing Center.
2) Click the Connection type that your Control Surface is connected to.  In this example, it's Ethernet 2.

3) Click Properties.

4)  Select Internet Protocol Version 4, and click Properties.
5) Choose the option "Use the following IP address" and enter the IP address that you'd like that NIC to be assigned to.  Recall that if your Control Surface is statically assigned to be then the TriCaster or VMC's NIC should be something like The Subnet mask should be identical as well.

6) Once you click 'OK' you should be able to see the Control Surface in the Control Surface Utility by navigating to the following file path and running the 'NewTek Control Surfaces.exe' application:
For VMC1: C:\Program Files\NewTek\VMC1\AddOns\NewTek Control Surfaces
For TC1: C:\Program Files\NewTek\TC1\AddOns\NewTek Control Surfaces


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