TC1 / VMC1 - "Hardware Not Functioning Properly"

Issue: When launching the TC1 or VMC1 software, you encounter an error message that reflects "Hardware Not Functioning Properly", such as reflected below: 


Cause: This error message is indicative of a communication issue or hardware failure pertaining to the input/output module on the rear of unit.


Steps to Troubleshoot:

-First, make sure you currently have the latest NewTek™ software installed on your device. You can exit to Windows and download/install the latest builds via the URL below: 


-If your device is still within the manufacturers warranty (one year from the initial registration of the device), please perform the steps listed under item #6 in the steps below, then consult a NewTek™ Support Specialist before troubleshooting further. You can reach out with your findings via the methods listed in the link below:


-If your device is outside of the manufacturers warranty timeframe, you can perform the preliminary troubleshooting steps below to attempt to remedy this behavior: 

1. Power off the device, then remove the top panel of the unit. There are 12 screws on the top of the unit that will need to be removed. 

2. With the top panel removed, locate the riser card (see "Riser Top View" attached). Press down firmly but gently on the highlighted area.

3. Confirm the Riser Card is securely connected to the Rear I/O panel towards the rear of the unit (see "Riser to IO Panel" attached).

4. Confirm the cable is secure at the front of the Riser Card (see "Riser Cable Connection" attached).

5. Reconnect the device to power and test. When properly connected, you should see activity in the LEDs nested under the Nvidia graphics card - Keep in mind not all lights are expected to be active - (see "LEDs" attached).

6. Launch the device and perform the following from the Windows Desktop

Click the Magnfiying Glass on the bottom left of the screen
Search for "File Explorer" and launch the Desktop Application that populates
Click "Local Disk (C:)" on the left hand side of the window

Select the folders below in the order they appear:

"Program Files"


"TriCaster" or "VMC1"




Locate and open the file entitled "UpdateForce_SHUTDOWN"

If successful, a command window should populate and a series of items will run on the screen. If unsuccessful, an error message will populate. If the latter occurs, the testing above did not remedy this behavior, signifying a greater underlying concern with the panel itself. Please consult a NewTek™ Support Specialist for further assistance. Be sure to include an overview of the actions already taken to troubleshoot this behavior, as to not duplicate efforts on your part. You can reach out via the methods listed in the link below:

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