Talkshow 'Hardware Not Functioning Properly' Error

Issue: When launching the Talkshow software, you're encountering an error message that reflects "Hardware Not Functioning Properly", such as reflected below: 




Cause: This error message is indicative of a communication issue or hardware failure pertaining to the input/output module on the rear of unit.


Steps to Troubleshoot:


1) In the case the unit is not up to date, please continue to update to the latest Talkshow build, this can be found on the site below:


2) If the unit is up to date, then please continue with the steps below: 

Head to Windows and open File Explorer.

Select the folders below in the order they appear:

"Local Disk C:"

"Program Files"


"NewTek Talkshow"




Locate and open the file entitled "UpdateForce "

If successful, a command window should populate and a series of items will run on the screen. If unsuccessful, an error message will populate. If the latter occurs, the testing above did not remedy this behavior, then please continue with attempting to restore the unit. 


3) Restore the unit to Factory default settings using the following article:  

 The restore process will only wipe the C: drive, so please be sure to back up any data that was saved, as this will delete it. 

After the restore, repeat steps 1 and 2. Should the core update fail after the restore please consult a NewTek™ Support Specialist for further assistance. Be sure to include an overview of the actions already taken to troubleshoot this behavior, as to not duplicate efforts on your part. You can reach out via the methods listed in the link below:

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