Installing Advanced Edition 3 Updates

Disclaimer: If you are upgrading a unit from Standard Edition to Advanced Edition 3, be aware that your previous Standard Edition sessions will not be compatible with Advanced Edition 3. You will need to rebuild the session. All of your media will need to be re-imported to the session using the Import function of the TriCaster located under File in the top left corner of a session. LiveText projects can be copied over from D:\LiveText Projects\SessionName into the new session's folder. All settings will be lost. Additionally, Gain audio settings will be turned on and may need to be turned off.

In order to install Advanced Edition 3 software updates, follow the listed steps:

Download the Update

1) Exit the TriCaster software to view the Windows desktop.

2) Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to

3) Click the download button underneath the Advanced Edition 3 current version number. It will ask for your contact information (first name, last name, email address, and country are all mandatory fields).


Once you fill in the info and click submit, it should say you are now authorized to download updates:


Close that window by clicking the highlighted X and then click the Advanced Edition 3 download button again. If this process does not work, download Chrome or Firefox and try again.Download.png

4) When the download is complete, right click the application file and then click Properties. Check the Security section and check the 'Unblock' button if applicable.  Hit Apply and then OK.  


5) Right click the application again and click, "Run as administrator."


6) The next prompt will give two choices.  We recommend selecting Download only.  This will save the files to a local location on the system and they can be moved to a different location or removable storage after the install is complete.  Click Next.


7) The initial EULA agreement will appear. Click, "I accept the agreement" and then click Next.


8) Select a directory to save the downloaded files to. Click Next.Directory.png

9) Select the components you wish to download.

The TriCaster ADV3 Upgrade is the most commonly needed install.

TriCaster ADV3 Content is the NewTek stock footage and can be skipped if you are pressed for time, but we will often want to use those clips for troubleshooting purposes so it's recommended you install them at some point

Virtual Set Editor upgrade is a Demo version of our Virtual Set Editor software. It is fully featured, but if you wish to export any of the sets you make for use, you will need to purchase a Virtual Set Editor license.

Virtual Set Editor content is content for for creating sets in Virtual Set Editor.

Animation Store Creator is free software for use with creating custom animations.

Animation Store Creator content is the files for use in Animation Store Creator.

Please note: NDI|HX® drivers are no longer necessary and must be deselected


Once selected, click Next.

10) The download will begin. Once the download is finished, the prompt will then say 'copying upgrade, please wait'. This can take several minutes with no visible activity so be sure to not close the prompt.

11) Once the download is complete, the files will then appear in the directory you selected in Step 8 (TriCaster defaults to this location to the C Drive if not changed).  The suggested order in which to install the updates is below:


Installing the TriCaster Advanced Edition 3 Update

1) Right click and run the NewTek TriCaster XD Update.exe as Admin. You may also need to change the Security in Properties as mentioned in the first section.

2) At this point you may get an error message:


If so, click ok and another message will populate. If it looks like this:


Then you need to update your video card drivers before you can continue with the update. Click ok to close the window. You can see how how to do that in this KBA;

You may also/instead see this message:

In which case, please follow this KBA:

3) Once the above updates are applied as necessary, right click and run the NewTek TriCaster XD Update.exe as Admin again. Proceed through the EULA, the important information screen, and choose your language. The install will begin and run through various modes.  The install typically requires a reboot and the system will Restart on it's own so click OK. 

4) After the system restarts, it may run some Windows updates and another prompt will appear. Click Next to continue and agree to the prompts.  The system may appear to hang for several minutes at any point during the file integrity check or when installing prerequisite steps.  Do not interrupt this process and let it continue.

5) After the files are extracted, the software will then prompt to Install:


6) The install will resume again.  This may take up to 20 minutes or so to complete. When it does, you will see the following message:


Click close. If the unit shuts down, leave the unit powered off for 3 minutes before rebooting.

Installing the TriCaster Content

1) To Install the TriCaster Content, right-click NewTek Content.exe and run as Admin.

2) Click Next, agree to the EULA, and review the information screen then click next, as previously done. The content will begin to install and when the progress bar completes, the install is done.

Installing Virtual Set Editor

1) To install Virtual Set Editor (which requires a separate Serial Number purchase in order to be able to export your virtual sets), right click NewTek VSE Adv and run as administrator.

2) Agree to the EULA and the install will begin. Once the progress bar completes, click finish to complete the installation.

Installing Virtual Set Editor Content

1) To install Virtual Set Editor Content, right-click NewTek VSE Adv Content and run as administrator.

2) Agree to the EULA and the install will begin. Once the progress bar completes, click finish to complete the installation.

Installing Animation Store Creator

1) To install Animation Store Creator, right-click  NewTek ASC Adv and run as administrator.

2) Agree to the EULA and the install will begin. Once the progress bar completes, click finish to complete the installation.

Installing Animation Store Creator Content

1) To install Animation Store Creator Content, right-click NewTek ASC Adv Content and run as administrator.

2) Agree to the EULA and the install will begin. Once the progress bar completes, click finish to complete the installation.

7) Install NDI Tools

1)  While referred to as the NDI HX driver when you selected it to download previously, the actually downloaded file will be named, "NDI 4 Tools." Right click the NDI 4 Tools.exe and run as Admin to install.

2) Agree to the End User License Agreement and select your installation directory as before, then select the components you wish to install. Almost all of them are handy for troubleshooting or production using NDI, but at the bare minimum I would recommend installing the NDI|HX v1 Drivers and the Video Codecs.

Note: Support does not recommend selecting 'Disable Web Password' or 'Run at Windows start' options when installing on a TriCaster.


3) The next prompt allows for the option to change the shortcut path but we suggest this is left to the default.   Click Next.


4) Click Install and the process will begin (it may take several minutes).


5) Once the install is complete, you can click Finish and view the NDI Introduction PDF. If you wish to view it later, the PDF can be found in C:\Program Files\\NDI 4 Tools titled as "Introduction to NDI".

Prefer a Video?

You can watch a video that goes over the update process through Newtek University. The videos that cover the download and update process are part of the Free Course available at . Please note that this video uses a VMC1 for its example and there may be some slight differences in the process.

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