Installing TalkShow Software Updates

Download the Update

1) Exit the TalkShow software to view the Windows desktop.

2) Launch Internet Explorer and navigate to

3) Click the download button underneath the TalkShow® current version number.


Installing the TalkShow Update

1) When the download is complete, right click the application file and then click Properties. Check the Security section and, if it is present, check the 'Unblock' box.  Hit Apply and then OK.  


2) Right click the application again and click, "Run as administrator."


3) You will be asked if you, "want to allow this app to make changes to your PC?" Click yes.



4) Accept the EULA and click next.


5) Choose your language and click  Next.


6) The update will begin to run and go through various modes. It may hang at several minutes on occasion during this processs. Just let it run.

7) Windows Security may ask you, "Would you like to install this device software?" Click Install.


8) When the install completes, you will see the following image:


8) When you click close, the unit will restart. When it powers back up, the unit will install some Windows updates and then power down again. Leave the unit powered down for 3 minutes before powering back up.

9) When turned back on it may apply some more Windows updates. Once those finish, the update is done. The default password is "newtek".

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