How to Install or update Skype TX Controller Application

1) Open a web browser and navigate to:

3) Select the Download option to install the latest available Skype TX Application version (Version 2.19.505.1 as of 5/16/19).

4) Once the Skype TX download is complete, right-click the downloaded application .exe (should be named SkypeTX).

5) Right click the application file and select Properties. Look for a checkbox labelled 'Unblock'. If it's there, check the box, then click Apply and Ok. If it's not there, disregard.

6) Right-click the application again and select, "Run as administrator" if the option is there, or, "Install" if it is not.

7) You will see an EULA screen. Check the accept terms box, then click Install.

8) If asked if you want to allow this app to install software on your PC, click yes. The install will complete shortly.


Current as of 5/16/19

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