SkypeTX Application Channel Version Error

Issue: Attempting to sign into a Skype channel in the Skype TX software fails and produces a message that appears as shown below:


Solution: To resolve this, you will just need to update the channel version within the Skype TX application software.  The steps to update are below.

1) First click the Version Management button in the bottom right corner of the Skype Channel:


NOTE: If this button isn't there, remove the channel by clicking the drop down by the channel name. Click Remove Channel and then recreate it. The button should appear now.

2) Once clicked, a few version options may appear. Click anywhere in the highlighted box to select the latest available option (2019.11.01.8 in this case).


3) Click sign-in and you should be ready to go with the new version reflecting underneath where it says NewTek TalkShow.

Current as of 5/7/2019

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