How to perform a Core Update

Newtek Customer Support may advise that a Core Update is necessary as part of troubleshooting.  This process is in relation to the communication between our NewTek software and our NewTek hardware responsible for Video and Audio Input/Output.

To perform a core update (devices and their respective file locations are listed below), follow these general steps:

1) Run the .bat file named Updateforce_shutdown.

2) A prompt will appear and the Core update will progress and then close on it's own when complete.

3) The unit should shutdown for 5 minutes.  If it does not, please power off the unit and leave it off for 5 mins.

4) After reboot, launch the software again and run any needed tests. If this does not resolve the issues you are having, please reach back out to NewTek Customer Support.

Core Update file locations:

Standard Edition, Advanced Edition 2: C:\TriCaster\Drivers\WDF\Core
Advanced Edition 3, TC1: C:\Program Files\NewTek\TriCaster\Drivers\WDF\Core
TC2: C:\Program Files\NewTek\TriCaster\Drivers\WDF\Core
VMC1: C:\Program Files\NewTek\VMC1\Drivers\WDF\Core
TalkShow 100, 4000: C:\Program Files\NewTek\NewTek TalkShow\Drivers\WDF\Core
Media DS: C:\Program Files\NewTek\MDS1\Bin64\Drivers\WDF\Core
3Play 425, 3Play 4800, 3Play 440, 3p1: C:\3Play\Drivers\WDF\Core

*The NC1 I/O and TriCaster Mini 4K do not have a Core update Option

Current as of 10/22/2020

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