Deleted NewTek Stock Content

All TriCaster and VMC1 systems come with stock content that is helpful for testing purposes (a few examples are the spinning Newtek logo and green screen footage with talking talent).  If stock content is deleted from the D drive, then a Restore will not bring those clips back onto the system.  We have the stock clips on our FTP for download in case they are needed: 

When prompted for the password it is: upload2newtek

Once the download finishes, go into the zip file and go into the Media - Copy folder to see 4 folders: Clips, Sound and Music, Stills, and titles. Copy these folders to D:\Media. When Asked to, "confirm folder replace", check, "Do this for all current items" and then click yes. Once it finishes, the media should now be present in sessions.


Current as of 9/25/2020

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