TC1 and Advanced Edition Version 2 & 3 Custom Stream to Facebook

This article provides the steps to create a custom RTMP stream if you are unable to access either the Facebook or YouTube plugins.  We would just need to use the Server URL and Persistent Stream Key provided by Facebook and/or the Stream name/key provided by YouTube.

As a workaround for Facebook or YouTube Streaming within a TC1 session, please install Mozilla Firefox browser while in the Windows desktop of the TC1.  Once installed, the TC1 software will let you select which browser to use while accessing a Web browser within a session.

Getting Started:

Within a TriCaster session, click the gear next to the Stream/Encode button to setup a Custom stream preset

Custom.PNG     ConfigureCustomConnection.PNG

At the bottom of the Streaming Configuration window, click the New preset drop-down menu then select the Custom option. This will open the Configure Custom Connection window.

For a better view of the Configure Custom Connection window while accessing the web browser, move the window to one side of the screen.

The following steps will require the user to click between the TC1 User Interface (UI) and the Web Browser window. Doing so will hide the web browser window until it is reopened by clicking the Web Browser button.

Please note that each time the Web Browser button is selected, a new tab will be created within the browser's window. The Facebook or YouTube page will remain open as a tab in the browser after clicking on the UI and can be accessed by selecting the corresponding tab. 

DO NOT CLOSE the web browser as the Facebook or YouTube page will be lost and the process will need to be restarted.

Next, click the Web Browser button from the Streaming Configuration window.

After the initial installation of the Firefox browser, you should receive a pop-up window prompting to select a web browser. Choose Firefox as the browser you would like to use.

Facebook set up:

While in Firefox, navigate to the Facebook page you would like the stream to reach.

Click on your Username at the top right corner.

In the new post area, click Live Video as seen below:



You will see Camera and Connect options at the top of the page. Be sure to select the "Connect" option at which point Facebook will create your specific Stream Key/ID along with providing the Facebook Server URL/Address.

Be sure Stream Key is selected for Step 2 on the page then select the 'Use a persistent stream key' option.


TC1 and Advanced Edition 3 setup: 


During the copy/paste process you will need to reopen the TriCaster's web browser to access the Facebook page. Do not use the "X" icon to close the web browser. Simply click on the TriCaster's interface and the web browser will be minimized without closing.

Copy and paste both the Server URL and Persistent Stream Key into the Server Address and Stream ID fields respectively on the Custom preset window. Leave the Username and Password fields blank.

Click Close on the Configure Custom Connection window then click the Stream button on the TriCaster to begin the stream, as seen above. The Stream button should turn blue and the clock should begin counting. 




Click gear next to the Stream button to open the Web Browser once more then select the Facebook tab.



The window will change to show a video preview of your stream and the Go Live button will be enabled for you to start the stream. 

Click the Go Live button to begin streaming to your Facebook page. 


Advanced Edition 2 setup: 

For Advanced Edition 2, you will need a secondary PC. It has to be a PC and not a mobile device since mobile won't have the stream set up options necessary. Start by going through the above section titled, "FaceBook set up" on this secondary PC. Once you get to the screen with the Stream Key and the URL, you will switch back to the TriCaster. 

Click the stream configuration gear, then new connection, and then Custom (do not click Facebook, it will not work), which will bring up this window:

Name the connection whatever you would like. Take the server url on the 2nd computer and type it into the Server Address box. Then do the same with the Persistent Stream key in the Stream ID box. Leave username and password blank, leave the type as RTMP, and change the profile to something in the 720 range that makes sense for your production and bandwidth considerations. Then click the stream button and you should see the stream start to come through on the 2nd pc. Click Go Live there and your stream will become public.

As a handy tip, while the internal browser won't load facebook, it will load gmail, so you can email your key and url to yourself and then load the email up in the TriCaster browser and copy them over that way, which is easier than manually typing it in. You can open the internal browser by clicking the stream config gear at the top and then clicking web browser.


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