Standard Edition and Streaming to a managed page

Here are some helpful steps showing how to configure a Custom Stream on a TriCaster running Standard Edition software:

1) Click on the stream gear inside live production:


2) Change the URL to . Absolutely do not use (or any other streaming site URL) or this will fail.


3) Click on the drop-down menu and select create New Connection from current URL 


4) Select RTMP and click Ok:




This will bring down a new section allowing you to manually enter in the RTMP and Stream Key provided by Facebook. To get the required information you will need to login to your Facebook account from a separate computer.

In Facebook

1) Go to your main page.

2) In the top right corner, click the triangle.


3) Click the managed page you wish to stream from.


4) Click the Live Button.


5)Scroll down on the Facebook Live preview page.



6) Select Live Stream, gather the RTMP information from this page and bring it over to the TriCaster. Put the server URL in the Server Address field and the Persistent Stream Key in the Stream ID field.


7) Back on the TriCaster, Enter the RTMP and Stream ID information into their corresponding fields within the TriCaster's Streaming Configuration window. Click OK.




8) Initiate the "Stream" within the TriCaster software. The button should turn blue and the stream clock should start once the connection is established.  


9) Back on your computer, add the required info for your Post. The page will now show a preview of your stream and the Go Live button will be enabled for you to start the stream. 


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