NewTek Software Whitelist

During the software launch of NewTek TriCaster, IP Series, 3Play and TalkShow product lines, you may receive a warning prompt similar to the one shown below:



Third party applications installed on your system will appear within this list.  This prompt serves as a general precaution that these applications may affect system performance, and removing them is the best course of action.  While we don't recommend the install of third party applications, we do recognize that some applications may have little to no effect on system performance.  For example, the Remote software client (Screen Connect) that our Support department uses for troubleshooting will appear on the list though it is approved for use.  Applications can be removed through the 'Programs and Features' section within Windows.  For applications like Screen Connect or Chrome/Firefox browsers that may appear, simply click 'Remind Me Later' to proceed into the software.

Please note there is not a way to disable this prompt from appearing during software launch.


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