NewBlue Titler Live 4.0 sources do not show in TriCaster software

If you have a TriCaster running Advanced Edition Version 3 or a TriCaster TC1 or VMC1 running the latest available software (7-1-200116), you may notice you are no longer able to receive sources sent via NDI from NewBlue Titler Live.  The NewBlue output will still show in our NDI Tools Studio Monitor application. 

(Within the NewBlue Video Out Menu, be sure the NDI option is selected vs AirSend which is no longer supported.)


1) Download the latest NDI Tools onto the Windows side of the TriCaster or VMC1. The latest NDI tools build can be found here:

2) Launch NDI Access Manager.

3) Within the Advanced Tab, change the Receive Mode to Prefer UDP and Select OK. 

4) Relaunch the TriCaster/VMC1 software and the output from NewBlue should now show within the configured Input.




Current as of 1/15/2020

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