TriCaster Mini4K UHD Power Supply

The TriCaster Mini4K (and newer Rev SDI and HDMI Mini hardware) comes with a new 180w power supply brick that is different from previous power supplies used with TriCaster Mini HDMI and Mini SDI models. This new power brick is shown below and has a 19V DC output and is 180 watts. Using the wrong PSU with the Mini4K UHD (or other new rev Hardware Minis) will result in the system not receiving enough power to display the Interface, Multiview and other displays connected to the the mini display ports on the graphics card!



Pictured below is the original Mini PSU model with a 12-14V DC Output. Please do not attempt to use this power brick with the new Mini4k UHD. 



Due to an error, TriCaster Mini units shipped in July of 2021 may include a Panasonic FSP-120-ABAN2 power supply. If your unit comes with a Panasonic FSP-120-ABAN2 supply, please contact your NewTek reseller.


Note - The TriCaster Mini 4K cannot exceed the allotted 180w supplied by the PSU.

Current as of 9/24/2021

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