Using Access Manager to address NDI issues

Regarding lag or delay of NDI sources within a network, two common reasons we see this happen are due to NDI traffic not routing correctly and/or having multicast sending enabled. 

To possibly resolve some issues related to lagging or delayed NDI sources, use Access Manager to aid with any backwards compatibility issues between devices running current 4.x tools and older 3.x tools.  Within Access Manager (NDI Tools Pack), in the Advanced Tab, select Prefer UDP as the Receive Mode.   

*Note, within TriCaster/VMC1 software, you can quickly navigate to NDI Access Manager from the Add-Ons menu.




Now, regarding having Multicast enabled, it is possible that the unit is now flooding the network with TCP packets which may act as a small scale DDOS attack on your network.  Disabling Mutlicast should resolve this. *NewTek Support does not provide support with configuring multicast setup.

Within Access Manager, navigate to the Advanced tab and uncheck the Multicast Sending Enabled box. 





Current as of 2/27/2020

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