TriCaster Mini SDI and HDMI Hardware Refresh

As we focus on bringing the best products, NewTek is pleased to announce an updated design to the TriCaster Mini SDI as of February 12th, 2020.  Below are some key points that outline the changes made:

*Please note these changes are planned for release for the TriCaster Mini HDMI sometime in 2020.

1) Comes with Windows 10 as a solution to Windows 7 ending support

  • Overall increased performance
  • More secure to meet IT compliancy 

2) The new Mini SDI no longer comes with an integrated side screen. 

  • This offers less confusion due to it taking one of the desktop monitors
  • Allows for better airflow and temp control

3) The Mini SDI now comes with a Quad output nVidia Quadro based card to provide even more powerful real time advanced processing. 

  • More powerful real time advanced processing including full use of CUDA increased quality, hardware assisted encoding, decoding and streaming. 
  • Increased performance ensures the system is optimized for future software development.

4) The new Mini SDI now has 4 Mini DisplayPort adapters.

  • One for user interface 
  • Three for multi-viewers 
  • Full screen production quality 

5) New Dual 1Gb Ethernet for increased IP connectivity, and load balancing of across multiple connections. Sharing and load balancing of bandwidth across multiple connections using NDI version 4 doubles the amount of NDI traffic providing more powerful media connectivity and expansion.

6) Internal 1 TB SSD storage for faster boot and load times, increased recording capabilities and higher reliability in portable environments.  

7) New portable storage USB 3.1 and USB-C ports for more concurrent recording capability.

  • USB-C offers transfer speeds of 10 Gbps.

8) New 180 watts Sparkle SPI power supply which makes the hardware quieter during operation.



Current as of 2/28/2020

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