NDI 4.5 Released - What are some of the highlights?

Here are just some of the highlights of NDI 4.5.  Here is a link to the press release from the NewTek Newsroom.

  • Support in iOS for real-time, full frame-rate, and resolution capture of the display on wireless with  NDI®|HX Capture for iOS
  • Extended capabilities for Internet use and use on wireless networks.  Massive improvements to NDI®|HX, with lower latency, full support for (multi) GPU decoding acceleration, and support for the most advanced compression formats available today 
  • NDI®|HX mode for high-efficiency low bandwidth data transfer gives anyone with an iOS phone the ability to screen capture games and deliver to any NDI-enabled multi camera live production system
  • Unlimited IP recording, with Adobe Premiere plugins both for real-time NDI and working with time-locked ISO recording across multiple streams. This takes NDI streams from the network and stores them on disk with no CPU usage, allowing users to record any number of streams to disk and extend this to multiple machines for almost infinite recording capabilities
  • Our latest NDI® SDK for use in embedded systems offering full FPGA support for both NDI® encoding and decoding and support across almost all platforms for access to the compressed data streams, instant routing and more
  • NDI® SDK for Unreal Engine working with Epic Games, this developer kit adds full support for video inputs and outputs over IP enabling a new generation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) video products for integration into games and more 

Current as of 3/27/2020

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