NDI Scan Converter 4.5 and Kaspersky Endpoint Security

NDI Scan Converter 4.5 and the Kaspersky security software v11 have a conflict that causes NDI Scan Converter to crash.  It typically happens when changing audio sources but can occur in other situations as well.  It is unknown if there are issues with other security software suites; there doesn’t appear to be any issue with the built in Window’s Defender.

To resolve this issue, add NDI Scan Converter as a trusted app in Kaspersky

1) Open the Kaspersky interface, by right clicking on the icon and selecting ‘settings’.


2) Under ‘General Settings’, choose ‘Exclusions’.

3) Click on the ‘Settings’ button for ‘Scan exclusions and trusted zone’


4) In the Trusted Zone window, select Trusted applications.

5) Click on the ‘Add’ button, then Applications


6) Wait (it does take a while) for it to finish scanning your systems for applications. Then in the search field in the upper right, type ‘scan’.

7) You should see ‘NDI’ appear as a entry. Select it and press ok.


8) In the window that appears, check all options. Then press ok.


9) You can press ok/close all windows to exit out of the Kaspersky interface.

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