TC1 And Advanced Edition Version 2 & 3: Custom Stream to YouTube

This article reviews the steps needed to create a custom stream to Youtube. 

*Please note this process requires the use of a TriCaster as well as a separate PC or MAC. 

Starting within the TriCaster software: 

1) Within a TriCaster session, click the gear next to the Stream/Encode button to setup a Custom stream preset. 

2) At the bottom of the Streaming Configuration window, click the New preset drop-down menu, then select the Custom option. This will open the Configure Custom Connection window:  


3) Enter the Connection Name (example, “Custom YouTube Stream”):


On the PC: 

4) Open and login to the desired account. 

5) At the top right hand portion of the screen you will see a camera icon. Click on the camera and select “Go live” from the options: 


6) At the top of the window there will be 3 tabs. Please select the middle option for “STREAM” 

7) Select the “NEW STREAM” button: 

8) In the “New Stream” window, input the Title, Stream Type and Genre: 

9) Once the desired information is set, select the “CREATE STREAM” button. 

10) Make note of the “Stream URL” and “Stream name/key”: 

Back to TriCaster: 

11) Enter the “Stream URL” in the “Server Address” field. 

12) Enter the “Stream name/key” in the “Stream ID” field: 


13) Select the “Close” button to submit the changes. 

14) Select the “STREAM / ENCODE” button at the top: 


Back to PC: 

15) Confirm the “Stream preview” from the TriCaster and select “GO LIVE”: 


16) When complete, use the “END STREAM” button to complete: 


*Repeat Steps 8-14 when a New Stream is created

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