Premium Access - How to use LiveGraphics with Adobe CC

This article offers some information on using LiveGraphics with Premium Access.  To get started:

1) Install LiveGraphics with Premium Access on Tricaster.

2) Install LiveGraphics on remote computer with Adobe CC using Premium Access installer.

3) Activate the LiveGraphics plug-in in AfterEffects.



  • Prepare layout in Photoshop
  • Photoshop file is then imported into AfterEffects
  • AfterEffects composition will be then exported with LiveGraphics plugin to a file with the .livegraphics filename extension, and a folder is created containing the supporting files.
  • Copy exported files into a designated directory on TriCaster and import LiveGraphics into your project.

Installation instructions:

Using LiveGraphics (Workflow for Tricaster and AdobeCC):

Using LiveGraphics with TriCaster:


For Additional Information on setting up 3rd Party Applications please reach out to your dealer or the NewTek Professional Services Team

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