Legacy TriCaster Streaming 'Browser Out of Date'

The error message 'Browser Out of Date' will be displayed inside of the streaming configuration gear inside of Legacy TriCaster systems (such as TriCaster 860 Standard Edition, 855, 850, 460 Standard Edition, 455, 450, 40, 300, etc).  This web browser is built into the software and cannot be updated. 

This error message will not prevent the TriCaster from streaming to an RTMP address. 

Below are a few Knowledge Base Articles that will explain How To configure your stream: 

Standard Edition Streaming to YouTube  

Stream to Facebook Live from TriCaster Standard Edition

Standard Edition Facebook Streaming using a Custom preset

TriCaster 40 Streaming to Facebook

TriCaster 40 and Streaming with UStream

TriCaster 40 and Youtube Streaming



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