NewTek NDI-PTZ1 Exposure Modes

In the NDI PTZ1 Video Camera, exposure modes specify how the camera responds to light levels and which algorithms take priority. 


  1. Full Auto - Camera handles all functions automatically: Shutter, Iris, compensation levels, gamma, etc.
  2. Shutter Pri - Prioritizes the shutter setting then adjusts the other exposure settings automatically
  3. Iris Pri - Prioritizes the Iris setting then adjusts the other setting automatically 
  4. Manual - You configure the camera and all settings. 
  5. White Board - Sets exposure settings to accommodate glare on whiteboards
  6. Smooth Auto - Same as full auto, however makes slower adjustments over time for smooth changes between settings. (Smooth Auto is the default Mode of the PTZ1) 



More information can be found on page 12 of the NDI-PTZ1 Operating Instructions Manual:

NewTek NDI-PTZ1 Operating Instructions


Current as of 8/19/2020

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