NDI Virtual Input and Zoom on MacOS

To utilize NDI Virtual Input with Zoom on MacOS, you will want to ensure you have the NDI Tools for Mac and the NDI HX Driver installed on the MacOS device:
NDI Troubleshooting: 
General NDI® Troubleshooting

Common things that can potentially interfere with an NDI signal: 

  • Anti Virus actively running and scanning on the device.  Since Anti Virus scans are essential in some environments, we suggest disabling Anti Virus temporarily for testing purposes. 
  • Firewalls blocking ports.  We suggest turning Firewall off 
  • Having the Network Type set to Public. We recommend changing Network types to Private/Home. 

To get started, you want to ensure that NDI Virtual Input is running on your device. If NDI Virtual Input is running, you will see the NDI symbol in the menu bar:


Then go to the Zoom settings (click the gear), click the Video tab and ensure the Camera is set to NDI Video:


Go back to the NDI Virtual Input icon on the menu bar and ensure you have the NDI Source selected:


Select the NDI Source and you should see the output from that source device appear in your Camera test window! 

Note: You can do the same with the audio in Zoom. NDI sends video as well as audio together. In Zoom, you can choose to use the audio input under Microphone called “NDI Audio”.

NewTek YouTube: NDI Virtual Input for Mac

Current as of 9/25/2020

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