Export Media to YouTube

Once you have recorded within the TriCaster software, you can then export the media to YouTube as follows: 

1) Click the Export gear to bring up the menu and then click "New Preset" > "YouTube" 

2) Once you see the Configure YouTube Preset menu, click "Sign In"

3) Sign in with your YouTube credentials and Grant NewTek Share App Permission to allow the app "Manage your YouTube videos" and "Manage your Account"

4) Once you have granted permission, you should see a drop-down menu for "Category" and "Privacy" Ensure that Privacy is changed to "Public"

5) You should see this menu: 
Click "OK

6) Click the Export gear and ensure you have the YouTube Preset checked, and then click "Export Media" located at the top (Not Export Media File) 


7) Once the Export Media menu populates, click "Add" to add the media clip you wish to export to YouTube: 

You should be able to locate your clip from this menu or locate the clip by clicking "Browse

8) Once you have selected the clip to export, it should be added to the Export Media menu: 


The click "Export" to export the clip to YouTube!

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