TC1 Elite NIC Metered Connections

The preferred method of Windows Updates is to set them to download and apply outside of the production window.
We want metered connections set up on our devices for multiple benefits:
  1. Disables the automatic download of most Windows Updates (critical zero day security updates will still download).
  2. Disables automatic download of app updates.
  3. Disables peer-to-peer uploading of updates (this is important because moving Windows Updates around the LAN can increase chatter on the network. We don't want such things happening on performance media networks.
  4. Windows Store Apps or "universal apps" will not reach out to the Internet unless in focus
  5. Setting Metered connections will not impact NDI or webcam (aka virtual) input on NewTek products.

    Metered connections are a partial solution to Windows 10 basic bandwidth-hungry nature for all things related to the OS updating and store functions. Telemetry, advertising, etc. We don't need any of that on a live production device.
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