How to Uninstall NDI® Tools for Mac

The disk image contains installers for the following 5 tools:

  • NewTekNDIVideoMonitor.pkg is the installer for the Video Monitor application that allows you to select available NDI sources on your network that you can listen to and view.
  • NewTekNDIScanConverter.pkg is the installer for the application that allows you to capture your screen and system input audio to transmit over NDI to receivers on your network.
  • NewTekNDIVirtualInput.pkg is the installer for the application that turns your NDI audio and video sources into inputs that can be used with most programs that support webcam input.
  • NewTekNDIAccessManager.pkg installs NDI Access Manager which has system wide NDI settings for your non-sandboxed apps such as grouping, discovery, and fine control over network communication settings.
  • NdewTekNDiforAdobeCCPlugins.pkg is the installer for the plug-ins that enable NDI transmit output and NDI file format reading in Adobe CC programs.

Uninstall instructions

To uninstall one of the NDI Tool applications move the corresponding .app from the /Applications folder to the trash.  For example to uninstall the scan converter tool right click /Applications/NewTek NDI Scan Converter and select “Move to Trash”.


MacOS does not have a fully standardized uninstaller

In order to fully uninstall the virtual input tool you also need to move the files /Library/CoreMediaIO/Plug-Ins/DAL/NDIVirtualCamera.plugin and /Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/HAL/NDIAudio.driver to the trash.

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