TriCaster TC2 Elite, TC1 and Mini4k Integrated LiveText Missing After Update

If you have applied a recent software update and find that your session no longer has the graphics options, you can reinstall integrated LiveText by following the steps listed below. 

*This applies only to TriCaster TC2, TC1 and Mini4k models.


1. Go to

2. Scroll down to the TC2 Elite section and click, "LiveText™ Installer"


3. Once downloaded, right click the exe and click properties. Look for a button or box labelled unblock and, if it's there, click it or check it and then click apply and then ok. Right click the exe again and this time click run as administrator.



4. Accept the End User License Agreement agreement and then click next. The installer will then run until completion.

Note: You may be presented with pop up saying that, "An app on your PC needs the following Windows feature." If so, click download and install this feature. 


5. The install will finish, you can click the finish button to close it. It is possible that if you had to download the .net framework above for the LiveText install to complete before the framework install does. If this happens, wait for the framework install to finish. At this point you can go back into your TriCaster session and the Graphics option should once again be present.

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