TC2 Elite, TC1, Mini4K and VMC1 7-7-210722 Interface and Multiview Monitor Display Issues

If you use more than one monitor with your TriCaster and VMC1 and you have installed the latest 7-7-210722 build, you may have an issue with viewing the Main Interface or Multiview Monitors.  
While our Engineering team works to resolve this, the current workaround is to rearrange your monitor arrangement in a typical classic horizontal 1, 2, 3 orientation.  After reviewing the suggestions, if you are still having trouble viewing your monitors or inputs please contact NewTek Support.
Steps to Change Display Settings and Monitor Arrangements:
To view your display settings, Right-Click on your Windows Desktop and select Display Settings:

It is recommended to have your interface monitor in the 1st position followed by multiview monitors 2 and 3.  Be sure they are in a linear arrangement as shown below:

Another setting to check is the Scale and Layout.  Please note that in all builds and monitor resolutions, we require scaling to be at exactly 100%, no more or less. 
Scale and Layout settings
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