Streaming to YouTube Live and Scheduling.

For live streaming using YouTube Studio:


Log into your YouTube account on a separate browser and proceed to the YouTube Studio. 


In the YouTube Studio select create and the Go Live as shown here:




Your next screen may ask you if you want to stream now or later, you will select the first option:



The next screen may then ask you if you want to use a webcam or software, for this you will select the second option labeled Streaming Software






On the left side of the screen you will see three icons indicating which method of stream you would like to use: Stream, Webcam and Manage. 

Most of our users will want to be Streaming, so select the first icon on the top:





By choosing stream you will have a Stream URL and Stream Key




You can copy your stream key by click copy or you can view it by clicking the "eye" icon. 


By doing this method, on your TriCaster you will need to set up a Custom Stream Connection. The positives of doing this is that the video will go live when you hit Stream in your TriCaster interface, as this is what most people will want when streaming from a TriCaster. 



Scheduling a Stream


To schedule a stream click the manage or third icon on the top left side of YouTube Studio and then select the blue Schedule Stream button

mceclip7.png                                          mceclip8.png


The next windows will ask you to customize the information of your stream (title, category, tags, accessibility, stream date/time)



Next you will see the stream information page:




Please note: If you select this method and nothing else, you will have a new stream key. The stream key here under "Manage" is different from the one under "Stream".  


With this option, you can receive the video and actually preview it before clicking Go Live on the top right to actually make the video go live. 

This has the benefit of you being able to review the stream before its actually aired live over YouTube. 


However, if you don't want to do that but still want to schedule it, you can click the Enable Auto-Start to start it at that time (when video is being received) and then have it stop when no video is being received by toggling Auto-Stop. 






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