Using NDI in OBS

Using NDI in OBS


Aside from ensuring you have NDI Runtime and the NDI OBS Plugin installed on your PC, please review the NDI Troubleshooting guides to ensure your network is properly configured for your workflow: 


NDI Troubleshooting: 

General NDI® Troubleshooting 

Third Party NDI® Applications - Troubleshooting Guide 


There are a few bits of software you’ll need to download and install.



Once you have everything installed, and have given the necessary access and system permissions, adding your iOS device as an NDI camera source in OBS Studio is very straightforward. 


Adding Your iOS NDI Camera Source in OBS Studio

Once you’ve set up OBS with the required stream settings, you can then add your camera sources.


When you open OBS you’ll see a box on the bottom just left of the center panel called “Sources”. Adding your iPhone as a new NDI Source is as simple as clicking the “+” icon, and selecting NDI Source.


You will create a new source and give it a name.


Finally, you will select your source from the “Source Name” drop-down menu. As long as the NDI HX camera app is running on your iOS device, and it is on the same wifi network, it will be auto-detected and show up in the drop-down menu. After you’ve selected your camera, click OK.

You should then see the camera live preview.


If the above information does not assist your with your workflow, please contact OBS Support, as we are not authorized to troubleshoot third party applications. 

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