"Failed to Extract Archives" Error When Extracting Session Backup

When attempting to restore a backup session, you may be presented with the above error and directions to contact Newtek Customer Support. Should this happen, please go through the following steps.

1. Create a new session the TriCaster. Make sure to name this session the same as the name of your backed-up session. Also ensure that it is set to the same video resolution.

2. Exit out of the TriCaster to Windows by going to the Home Screen > Shutdown > Administrator Mode > Exit to Windows.

3. Bring up File Explorer and then go to the directory of the session you just made (default D:\Sessions\Name of your session.

4. In a different File Explorer, go to your backed up session zip file and open it. Then go into the folder you see and it should have an assortment of folders (clips, DDR, Logs, Presets, etc.) and some sessions files. Copy everything in this folder.

5. Go back to the File Explorer of your new session and paste what you copied into that folder. Choose to overwrite everything.

6. Go back into the TriCaster and open the session you made. It should now reflect the settings of your previously backed up session, just as if it had been restored.

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