How to Listen to TriCaster Audio in Studio Monitor and NDI KVM

When using Studio Monitor and Screen Capture with KVM to control a TriCaster, normally you would only hear Windows related sounds but not the TriCaster program sound.


To hear the TriCaster audio:

1) Open Screen Capture on the TriCaster you are controlling. Enable KVM and then launch the TriCaster software. 

2) On your separate workstation, open Studio Monitor and locate the TriCaster you are using.  Select MIX 1 which should be your PROGRAM Output. 

3) Then go to Settings > Audio > and select the appropriate audio source. 


Note in the screenshot, your choices for audio options may be different than those displayed

4) Open a second instance of Studio Monitor to continue controlling your TriCaster. 


You should now be able to hear audio from the TriCaster Program now.


Current as of 1/1/2022





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