PTZ3 and NDI|HX3

The following article provides some quick information on the PTZ3 Camera along details about NDI HX3 as well.

  • The PTZ3 camera can support HEVC but you may need a decoder on some systems. The TriCaster should work with this, but other software might need it such as the PTZ UHD. 
  • In the PTZ3 web User Interface, you can select from H.264 or HEVC.
  • While the PTZ3 is optimized for HX3 usage, you can use HX2 by changing the bandwidth setting to Low-High in the web User Interface and that will allow compatibility with NDI 4 applications.  The Ultra setting will be only HX3. 
  • If you are using software older than NDI 4 such as Advanced Edition 2 (AE2) or Standard Edition, you can use NDI Bridge to convert the signal into High Bandwidth NDI. 
  • NDI HX 3 is only available on the PTZ3.

Note: If you are trying to use Studio Monitor to bring in HX3, you will need HEVC Support on that computer.


The following will provide some information on the NDI HX3. 

  • NDI HX3 will run with any system using NDI 5.
  • Decoding NDI|HX3 is built into the NDI5 drivers for Windows, macOS, and Linux so most software using NDI5 or later will be able to decode HX3 without any changes.
  • This means any NewTek Product running software version 7-0 or higher will support NDI HX3 and the NewTek PTZ3 camera running in Ultra Mode. 

    If you are using NDI HX3 with other pieces of software like a Windows PC make note that the device will require Support for the HEVC Code. If you are unsure if you have the codec, you can install NDI Bridge and run the Compatibility Checker:

    Note: For devices that cannot directly decode NDI|HX3, NDI Bridge can be utilized for conversion and is available as part of the free NDI 5 Tools package.  If you have an NDI version older than NDI 4 (AE2, Standard Edition), then use NDI Bridge to convert the signal into High Bandwidth NDI. This is not officially Supported so if you run into issues please refer to the Forums at for information and suggestions on how other customers are working around the issue.








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