How to save/recall more than 16 Presets through TriCaster

Many times we require to have more than 16 camera angle presets, there is an alternative to create and recall presets* even beyond the camera's actual preset limitations using TriCaster Macros.
Follow these steps:

To create macros go to Macros (3rd option from the top left of TriCaster UI) ->Configure Macros.

1.) Create the macro to save the preset (ptz_input#_save_preset ) and add the value you want to save the preset as shown in the image below:


2.) Position the camera then run the above macro and it will save the position.

3.) Create a second macro to trigger the preset. with command (ptz_input#_select_preset) which you also need to designate the same PTZ input # and the same value of the preset used in the previous macro.



Now similar pair of macros can be created/modified to save & recall more camera presets*.


*Note: Please note that these presets are neither stored in TriCaster's camera preset nor stored in the camera instead these macros stores the last position of the camera.


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