PTZUHD - New Advanced Settings

The latest firmware VCAA108I comes with new "Advanced Settings" (not listed on the User guide and not listed on the patch notes).

The new settings are as follows:

1) PTZ Recall Speed Sync
2) NDI Tracking Metadata
3) Smart AF
These settings are set to OFF as default.
Here is some information on these settings -
PTZ Recall Speed Sync - This function tries to perform pan, tilt and zoom together. This can make the overall process of going from preset to preset slower.  If fast recall is most important, turn this off. If you want better on-screen camera movement, turn this on.
NDI Tracking Metadata - For developers use 
Smart AF (Auto Focus) - This setting looks for faces in the image and will focus on them instead of the overall image.  Choosing to enable this option will depend on what you are shooting with the camera.
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