NDI Output Resolution on TalkShow VS100 and TalkShow VS4000

This article notes the expected NDI Output resolution feed when working within different Talkshow Session resolutions:


PAL Standard:
TalkShow Session      Studio Monitor
576/50i (4:3)              720/25p
576/50i (16:9)            720/25p
720/25p                     720/25p
720/50p                     720/25p
1080/25p                   1080/25p
1080/50i                    720/25p
1080/50p                   1080/25p

NTSC Standard:
TalkShow Session      Studio Monitor
480/60i (4:3)              720/30p
480/60i (16:9)            720/30p
720/29.97p                720/30p
720/60p                     720/30p
1080/29.97p              1080/30p
1080/60i                    720/30p
1080/60p                   1080/30p

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