Adding RTSP-based IP cameras as a source in TriCaster

This article will review how to add a RTSP (Real Time Stream Protocol) based camera as a video source input into the Tricaster. RTSP can be used if NDI is not supported on your camera or if preferred. JVC, PTZ Optics, Sony, Panasonic, and Vadio are among many other 3rd party cameras that support RTSP.


You can add generic IP cameras as sources on a TriCaster by using the NewTek IP Source Manager. You may access this tool from the Home menu -> Add-Ons:

If your camera is listed here, go ahead and select it, entering the appropriate information and credentials. If it is not listed here, select "Custom Camera" instead:


In the Configure Custom Camera window, enter the address for your RTSP stream. This is typically in the format rtsp://<user>:<password>@<device IP address>:<port>/<path to stream>

For example: rtsp://admin:password@


Click OK, and set up any other IP cameras you may have. Then click OK in the NewTek IP Source Manager window to close it.

Now that you have configured your source(s), you can access them from within a TriCaster session by entering the Input configuration window and selecting it under "Local"

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