Do I need a Registration Code?

Most NewTek customers are very familiar with our original Registration database.  With this process, customers would need to register their hardware/software serial numbers within our Registration database. The serial number and product ID combination would produce the needed registration code (also called a license key).

Current NewTek products now employ a new, updated registration server and process.  In Support, we refer to this process as the Call Home method or Calling Home.  When a serial number is entered, the device will automatically reach out to our server online and register. It will log the customer information and the day the unit first completes registration.  In short, customers with current NewTek products no longer have to register products into a separate database or enter a registration code into the software. 


Systems that register via the Call Home method: 

  • Media DS
  • Vizrt Graphics Server NVG1
  • TC1
  • TC1 Pro
  • Mini 4k
  • TriCaster 2 Elite
  • TriCaster 410 Plus
  • 3P1
  • TriCaster Mini's running Advanced Edition 3 software
  • NC I/O and NC2

Software that registers via the Call Home method: 

  • Connect Pro
  • IsoCorder Pro
  • Live Panel
  • NDI Telestrator
  • Premium Access
  • Virtual Set Editor AE

Hardware that does not need to be individually registered or reach out to our new server:

  • NewTek Control Surfaces
  • NewTek PTZ Cameras
  • NewTek Sparks

While the new registration database is not customer facing, NewTek Support is happy to confirm your registration information as well as troubleshoot any registration issues you may have. 


Current as of 4/11/2022



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