Installing TC1 Pro Updates

1) Exit the TC1 Pro software to view the Windows desktop. You can do this by exiting out to the main selection screen then clicking shutdown  > Administrator Mode > Exit to Windows.


2) Launch an internet browser (Firefox preferred) and navigate to


3) Click the download button underneath the TriCaster® 1 Pro current version number, at which point it will download a file called, "NewTek TriCaster 1 Pro Update".




Install the NewTek TriCaster TC1 Pro Update

1) When the download is complete, go into your downloads folder, right click the application file and then click Properties. Check the Security section and check the 'Unblock' button if applicable.  Hit Apply and then OK.  


2) Right click the application again and click, "Run as administrator."


3) Proceed through the EULA, the important information screen, and choose your language. The install will begin and run through various modes.  When the install completes, you will see the following image:


When you click close, the unit will power down. Leave the unit powered off for 3 minutes before powering it back up. When you power it back up, the unit will install some Windows updates and then the system update will be complete.

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